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Oxylife I - Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

Air filled system with oxygen provided through BIBS mask

Safety starts with design

The product not only conforms to updated standards of manufacturing hyperbaric chambers EN14931 but also adopts a series of advanced technologies, such as advanced computer automatic control system and safe inspection technology.

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  • Materials used in aircraft industry:
    • Aluminum titanium alloy - offers best oxidation and creep resistance.
    • Enhanced strong polycarbonate with increased light transmission.
    • Advanced car spray painting workmanship, which greatly improve the advancement, utility and elegance of the product.
  • 75, 80 and 90 cm diameter, significantly reduces the incidence of noncompliance because of claustrophobia.
  • Designed for easy transportation.
  • 2-way communication system.
  • Mirrored commands inside and outside the chamber.
  • The door is sealed by pressure, no hinges or other closing mechanism that could be subject to pressure.
  • Antifriction bearings permit easy door slide movement by hand.
  • Large sliding door allows the patient full visibility to the outside, reducing the feeling of confinement.
  • Antibacterial leather like interior. Touch and visual aspects guaranteed.
  • High quality resin mattress and pillow - With 90% of the core material being air, helps to dissipate heat and moisture generated by the body during therapy. Allows good ventilation through the entire chamber. It also helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Medical grade tubing.
  • Climate control via proper air conditioning systems.

Automatically controlled pressure system

  • The microprocessor system automatically balances the rates of the pumping system and air inlet to set and maintain the requested air pressure.
  • Pneumatic controls manufactured by SMC Japan.
  • Touchscreen – friendly user interface allows setting the compression/decompression speed, treatment pressure level and session time.
  • Daily history recordings of number of sessions, length, start and stop initiation.
  • Possibility of sending the recordings over Wi-Fi to another device.
Safety layers for overpressure
  • a. Manual overpressure relief valve.
  • b. Automatic controller shuts off the compressor after 60 seconds malfunction.

Important note. The single protection on manual controlled systems might pose serious risk when overpressure relief valve is being tempered with.



Certified by TUV Austria with the corresponding standard EN ISO 9001:2008


EN ISO 13485:2002 in the field of: “Design, Production and Technical support for hyperbaric chambers


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