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Oxylife I – hyperbaric chamber on Sky News

Gemma Morris tries out hyperbaric chamber Oxylife I
27 March 2018

Can hyperbaric oxygen chamber help to “recharge” your body and improve your health? Sky’s Gemma Morris is at The Chelsea Bridge Clinic in London with more details.

The Chelsea Bridge Clinic, a well-known hyperbaric medicine clinic in London, uses hyperbaric chamber Oxylife I model by Oxyhelp to treat their patients. In this video reportage, Jake, a boy who has brain tumor and spinal tumor and who was told by doctors that nothing more can be done for him, is undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He is assisted by Dr. Robert Pender who talks about his condition and how the therapy can improve it. He also presents other benefits of the therapy such as: medical treatment and recovery, athletic performance and relaxation and well-being.



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