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about us

Oxyhelp Industry - the hyperbaric chambers manufacturer with the fastest growth.

Oxyhelp Industry is a registered medical device manufacturer, has obtained all the quality certificates, primarily including ISO 13485 , ISO 9001 and CE certificates. Specializes in the design and manufacture of Hard and Soft Hyperbaric Chambers.

Within 6 months from launching Oxylife I, our chambers have been delivered or already ordered in Japan, UK, Italy, Swiss, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania.

Oxyhelp industry products
Oxyhelp industry products

We supply our equipment to hospitals, rehabilitation and orthopedic clinics, chiropractors, holistic medicine practice, veterinary practice, beauty salons, Wellness and health spa, Fitness Centers, sports trainers, professional athletes.

Oxyhelp Industry is aiming to be the most prestigious firm in Germany in the domain of pressurized chambers and control systems and is now ready to expand globally through distributors and wholesalers preferably acting in health care, rehabilitation, well-being field.