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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT, is the method of treatment which consists in placing the patient in a pressurized chamber comprising pure oxygen or oxygen-enriched air at a level higher than atmospheric pressure.

  • Involves intermittently breathing pure oxygen at greater than ambient pressure.
  • Think of oxygen as a drug and the hyperbaric chamber as a dosing device.
  • Elevating tissue oxygen tension is the primary effect.

Our bodies depend on oxygen for survival. A lack of oxygen can decrease blood flow, damage tissue, cause premature aging, cause the hair to thin, and even affect the memory. When we age, our cells are starved of nutrients, but supplying oxygen to our cells can provide health, energy, and vitality.

Most illness and injuries occur and linger in the tissue level, within the cells themselves. In cases of non-healing wounds, strokes or problems with circulation, not enough oxygen can reach the affected area and as a result, natural healing does not happen. HBOT solves this problem by providing an increase in oxygen naturally.

HBOT works in areas where other medications simply not working. It improves the quality of life of the sufferer and conditions such as stroke, chronic fatigue, palsy have all shown dramatic changes.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can treat any condition where an increase in oxygen is needed, it can treat infections where it is used as an antibiotic or can be used in conjunction with other medicines.

  • Dr. Rob Pender has a long history with Hyperbaric medicine. At the Isokinetik seminar he offers a brief presentation on HBOT and hyperbaric chambers.
  • Dr. Robert Pender is a: Fellow Royal Society of Medicine Fellow Underwater Hyperbaric Medical Society Fellow American College of Hyperbaric.
Scientists now agree that most disease states are caused by oxygen starvation at a cellular level. Polluted air, devitalized foods, poor breathing habits, all can lead to chronic oxygen deficiency, a bodily environment in which toxins thrive as the overall immune response is weakened. Though we receive most of our oxygen from the air around us, even deep breathing may not be enough to improve oxygen-starved cells. Oxidative therapies generate the oxygen needed to fight disease and delay the aging process.

Nathaniel Altman - autor of the book "The OXYGEN prescription"